Friday, May 8, 2009

New IDE for Pixel Blender - Conduit

A company called Lacquer has just released the first 3rd party tool for creating Pixel Blender filters named Conduit. This application lets you to create Pixel Blender filters in a visual design environment using drag and drop manipulation, without the need to learn the Pixel Blender language. It exports a Pixel Blender bytecode (.pbj) file which can be used in Flash Player 10 as filters,fills,etc. As far as pricing is concerned

Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender is currently in beta testing. For a limited time, the product can be preordered for 50 euros (about 68 USD*).Preorders include download access to the latest beta versions for both Mac and Windows (please note that the Windows beta is not yet available but will be released in October 2008).

And for those who want a free edition, there is also Conduit Live Home which has a couple of limitations :

  • Only iSight (Apple web camera) is supported for video capture
  • Video record-to-disk is not available
  • Maximum image and video resolution that can be imported is 320*240 pixels
  • Export is not available

Currently, only the Mac version is available for download. The Windows version is expected to be available in October 2008.

Conduit Live Home can be downloaded at Conduit Live Home.

You can find intros and tutorials here.

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