Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gumbo!!! Setup Flex 4 in Flex Builder 3

So I finally decided to jump into Flex 4 (codenamed “Gumbo”).Gumbo has a lot of changes from Flex 3. Check out this article for what’s new in Flex 4 . Gumbo doesn’t have a stable release yet so download a nightly build. Gumbo needs Flash Player 10, so you have to download that as well. So lets get started.

First download and install Flash Player 10 (Astro).

Follow the instructions on the page. Next, download the latest nightly build of Gumbo here and extract

it to a folder in your computer. Start Flex Builder and select Window -> Preferences . Choose “Installed Flex SDKs” in the Flex category and click the Add button. Browse and select the folder where you unzipped the SDK and click OK to add the SDK. Select the checkbox near Flex 4 to make it the default SDK if you want to.

Creating a Flex 4 Project:

Create a new project as you normally would. Right click the project, select Properties and select “Flex Compiler”. Under the HTML Wrapper, change the “Require Flash Player version” as 10.0.0. If you did not set Flex 4 SDK as the default SDK, then change the Flex SDK version to Flex 4 using the combo box and click OK.

Congrats! ,You have set-up your first Flex4 project in Flex Builder 3.

I’ll put up code samples and sample apps. Feel free to drop a comment if you found this useful.

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